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Partnering With Us

 SecureMoz Malware Detection Tools

 WordPress Seucrity

With the aim of making the Internet a safer place SecureMoz’s team has released a malware detection tools for interacting with the service (one-click scanners).


We look for a willing seller.

Someone who is looking for creativity, innovation and growth.

  • Companies who need security guidance, based upon size or industry.
  • Companies that appear to be small, but with high potential for growth.
  • Companies who wish to increase their value within their industry.
  • Companies with a technology or management capability that we don’t have.
  • Companies who need a management and technology capability that we do have.
  • Companies who want a management team that likes people.
  • Companies who have out grown their existing management capabilities, and would like to partner with us to realize their potential and presence in the market place.
  • Private owners who wish to seek and enhance their growth and value prospects through creative , management and innovation.

Vision, Common Sense, Creativity, Value.